As a small business ourselves, we know that you worked hard to build up your business and want it to be protected. This is why we are bonded, licensed, and insured. Also, all of our employees are screened with a background check, thoroughly trained, and well-supervised. Our employees are not independent contractors. 



Allowing someone in your home is a big leap of trust. As a small, family-run business with homes of our own, we understand that, which is why we screen all our employees with a background check as a condition of employment. Also, since our employees are not independent contractors, our employees are thoroughly trained to our standards of excellence and are well-supervised.


Our Story


Claudia Avery, owner of First Maid and Florida Cleaning Concepts and First Maid, came from a huge family of nine children. Everyone was expected to do chores. Her brothers despised cleaning so much, they would pay Claudia to clean for them. She discovered two things: first, she discovered that she was a good cleaner, and second, she discovered that she liked being an entrepreneur.


Years later when Claudia was working for the Duval County School Board, she ventured out on her own during summer break to make some extra money. Claudia realized how much pleasure and satisfaction she got out of seeing how much her work made a difference in the lives of others, she decided to quit her job to start two cleaning business. This was 18 years ago. We have been growing stronger ever since!